330 Frederik Hendrik gets the hots

When P.J. Blok, one of the leading Dutch historians of the first half of the twentieth century, came across a dirty remark in a letter by a leading seventeenth-century personality of the House of Orange, he simply left it out of his transcription. Schwartz digs up the shocking source. Continue reading “330 Frederik Hendrik gets the hots”

307 The deferred 20th-century demise of the ancien régime

In 2014 the world will begin to mark the centenaries of the First World War and its attendant effects. These include the end of the age-old Central European dynasties. However, the end of the dynasties began earlier, in 1910, one hundred years ago this week, in unexpected places. As far as Schwartz is concerned, the celebrations can start right now. Continue reading “307 The deferred 20th-century demise of the ancien régime”