301 6 Core list of Rembrandt drawings:
related to painted portraits or figures

10 drawings, related to
8 paintings

For an explanation of the nature of this list, see Schwartzlist 301


Rembrandt, Woman, perhaps Saskia, seated in an armchair, ca. 1633
Considered to be a preparatory drawing for a full-length seated portrait like that in the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the right (Bredius 341)
Hamburg, Kunsthalle
References: Benesch 428. Röver-Kann 2000, nr. 58. Not MRK 2010

Rembrandt, Portrait of a young woman holding gloves, ca. 1639
Closely related, perhaps as a preparatory drawing, to the portrait of Maria Trip in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (Bredius 356)
London, British Museum
References: Benesch 442. Royalton-Kisch 1992, nr. 26. MRK 2010

Rembrandt, Studies of an officer, an oriental and a man in high cap, ca. 1639-41
This is the only drawing that is brought into connection with The night watch, on loan from the city of Amsterdam to the Rijksmuseum (Bredius 410). This is one of the reasons for assuming that very many of Rembrandt’s drawings have been lost.
Paris, Louvre
References: Benesch 661. Not in Starcky 1988. A corpus of Rembrandt paintings, vol. 3, p. 470. Not MRK 2010. [20 February 2014. In an exhibition at the Rembrandt House Museum, Rembrandt, or not: old drawings, new names, Peter Schatborn reattributes this drawing to Heijman Dullaert. With or without that reattribution, I am inclined to agree with him (and disagree with the Rembrandt Research Project) that the drawing is not really that good, and that the tie to the Night watch is not very convincing.]

Rembrandt, Young woman looking out of a window, ca. 1645
Related to painting in Dulwich Picture Gallery, London (Bredius 368)
London, Courtauld Gallery
References: Benesch 700. Royalton-Kisch 1992, sub nr. 50. MRK 2010

Rembrandt, The anatomy lecture of Dr. Jan Deyman, 1656
Study for a frame for the painting, now a fragment, of the subject in the Amsterdam Historical Museum (Bredius 414)
Amsterdam, Amsterdam Historical Museum
References: Benesch 1175. Broos 1981, nr. 17. Schatborn 1985, nr. 45. MRK 2010

Rembrandt, Self-portrait, ca. 1660
Related to painted self-portrait in the Louvre (Bredius 53)
Vienna, Albertina
References: Benesch 1177. Bisanz-Prakken 2005, nr. 14. Not MRK 2010

Rembrandt, Three syndics of the clothmakers’ guild, ca. 1661-62
Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett
References: Benesch 1178. Bevers 2006, nr. 55. MRK 2010

Rembrandt, Syndic Jacob van Loon, ca. 1661-62
Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum
References: Benesch 1179. Schatborn 1985, nr. 56. MRK 2010

Rembrandt, Syndic Volkert Jansz., ca. 1661-62
Rotterdam, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen
References: Benesch 1180. Giltaij 1988, nr. 36. MRK 2010

Drawings related to the commission for a group portrait of the syndics of the Amsterdam clothmakers’ guild, now in the Rijksmuseum, on loan from the city of Amsterdam (Bredius 415)

Rembrandt, A coach, ca. 1660-63
Related to the coach in the left background of Rembrandt’s equestrian portrait of Frederik Rihel in the National Gallery in London (Bredius 255)
London, British Museum
References: Benesch 756. Royalton-Kisch 1992, nr. 68. Not MRK 2010