Review of Ernst van de Wetering, Self-portraits, A corpus of Rembrandt paintings, vol. IV

Vol. IV of A corpus of Rembrandt paintings is the first for which Ernst van de Wetering is fully responsible. The uneasy relationship of the new volume to vols. I-III is examined critically.

Published in HNA News and Review of Books, November 2006, pp. 28-31, without illustration. Available online, though only for members of HNA (Historians of Netherlandish Art – if you are not a member – join!). Published previously in German in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 3 May 2006, which can be downloaded for one euro at

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Rembrandt research after the age of connoisseurship

An extended critique of the Rembrandt Research Project and of connoisseurship in general. Published in the last issue of the short-lived journal Annals of Scholarship. The issue is dated 1993, but the sickness and death of the editor, Ruth Graham, led to a delay in publication until 1995.

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After I win the game I’ll tell you what the rules were, or A new Rembrandt from 1632

A painting that is ignored in the first three volumes of the Corpus of Rembrandt paintings has now been attributed to Rembrandt by the leader of the Rembrandt Research Project. His arguments give Schwartz reason to investigate his methods and ask what criteria should be addressed in judging the authorship of old master paintings. He first tells the story of how the painting was bought and sold since 1970.

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