“Here’s not looking at you, kid: some literary uses of Vermeer”

Schwartz uncovers misappropriations of the great Dutch artist by a raft of writers and an artist. Is he sorry he didn’t write a novel about Vermeer? Maybe.

March 2001 Art in America pp. 104-07 (can be enlarged with CTRL+ for legibility)

Last paragraph and notes (all numbered i Рyou can link them to their place in the text if you really want to)

1 thought on ““Here’s not looking at you, kid: some literary uses of Vermeer””

  1. You were probably more right in this article then you think.
    The girl with the pearl seems to be the daughter of Johannes Vermeer, with a slight handicap.
    Not the muse, the sensual woman, the loving neighbour etc.
    The spectacular find that the painting is probably a “copy” or like a mould from a dessin from Leonardo de Vinci is presented in my new book.
    If you are interested, look at Amazon.com (or another country except nl) and search for Joost wj Gielen.
    Then you will find it. In Dutch and in English.

    Friendly greetings
    Joost Gielen

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