Rembrandt research after the age of connoisseurship

An extended critique of the Rembrandt Research Project and of connoisseurship in general. Published in the last issue of the short-lived journal Annals of Scholarship. The issue is dated 1993, but the sickness and death of the editor, Ruth Graham, led to a delay in publication until 1995.

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2 thoughts on “Rembrandt research after the age of connoisseurship”

  1. Thank you for your research and challenging enquires on Rembrandts drawings.

    Are there any publications which show how your opinion has evolved closer to 2019?

    1. The article you cite is about the paintings. My most recent extensive publication on the subject is from 2011, on the Schwartzlist. Concerning the drawings, see my columns from 2010, starting at My ideas about particular works are always changing, but not about the big picture. Colleagues sometimes tell me informally that they agree with my call for critical clarity, but in print they somehow never do.

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